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ISIET 2019

4-6 November 2019 • Hannover, Germany

The International Society of Inner Ear Therapeutics is a global non-profit interdisciplinary organization for scientists and physicians related to inner ear therapeutics covering the complementary range from translational science to clinical applications. ISIET is a young society with an already large number of reknown multi-national members composed of basic and clinical scientists. Being mainly founded by members of academic institutions, device companies and new or emerging pharmacological and biotechnological industries are attracted by ISIET.

Our mission is to provide a global platform and network for the dissemination and exchange of expertise on different novel treatment modalities of inner ear-related diseases. Mainly otological therapeutics ranging from gene therapy, cell-based approaches, novel drugs and regenerative strategies as well as translational aspects are covered.

After a very successful first conference in Marrakech 2017, the second conference unites academia and industry at the forefront of scientific and medical advancement related to inner ear therapeutics for a strategic targeting of challenges accelerating clinical translation. The agenda is rich in inspirational presentations that we hope will stimulate productive and influential discussions. It provides an excellent opportunity to be part of a unique stage for an in-depth dialogue between world leading experts from universities, societies and biotech companies.

We therefore cordially invite you to Hannover, the home of the scientist and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz:

A major contributor in science and technology who deeply influenced probability theory, philosophy, Ethics, politics, biology, geology, psychology, linguistics as well as computational science and even medicine. Among his seven fundamental philosophical principles, we chose “plenitude” as the mantra of our conference sharing Leibniz’s believe that the “best of all possible worlds contains all possibilities”.

Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. med . Thomas Lenarz
PD Dr. med. Athanasia Warnecke



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