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Non-EU applicants: Application for "Studienkolleg"


Important information for applicants from non-EU countries, who have to attend the "Studienkolleg" before applying for Medicine/Dentistry at MHH


The deadline for applications ends on January 15th or July 15th. We recommend submitting your application at least 8 weeks before the respective deadline. Only complete applications will be processed.





All foreign applicants from non-EU countries must apply via UNI-ASSIST e.V.. In some cases, UNI-ASSIST may allocate applicants to take part in the "Studienkolleg" before starting their university studies. If this is the case, UNI-ASSIST informs the MHH that the respective candidate requires "Studienkolleg". In turn, the applicant will be registered at the "Studienkolleg" directly by the MHH.


It is not possible to apply for the "Studienkolleg" directly at the MHH! All applications must be submitted ONLINE to UNI-ASSIST ( 


"Studienkolleg" starts at the beginning of either the sommer or winter semester.


A language certificate (B2 or higher) must be included in the application to UNI-ASSIST. A mere confirmation of having attended a German B2 course is not sufficient!


The MHH Studentensekretariat is in charge of admitting foreign students.


More information on the application procedure and university studies in Germany is provided by e. g. the German Academic Exchange Service and "Study in Germany".