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ISO-Standard 20387 for biobanking is published


At the end of August 2018, ISO standard 20387 "Biotechnology - Biobanking - General Requirements for Biobanking" was published - initially in English. Representatives of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA), as well as members of Working Group 2 of ISO Technical Committee (TC) 276 - Biotechnologies and Bioressources, were involved in the development of this standard. The Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) was finalized in February 2018 and has been in the clearance process since June.

Technical specifications and sub-standards (eg ISO 20388, 20386), which among other things define performance criteria for reaction vessels and transport processes, will in future supplement ISO 20387 - but have not yet been published.
The increasing use of disposable materials, bio-robots and interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of biobanking underline the need and interest of stakeholders in relevant specifications and standards.

ISO 20387 „Biotechnologie – Biobanking – Allgemeine Anforderungen an das Biobanking“