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HUB included in research infrastructure database of the DFG


At the beginning of 2018, the HUB was included in the research infrastructure database of the DFG (RIsources).

HUB in RIsources



With RIsources (RI = Research Infrastructure), the portal for research infrastructures of the DFG, the German Research Foundation (DFG) offers an information portal on scientific research infrastructures that provide scientists with resources (biomaterials and data) and services (for research projects).

The HUB fulfills the following criteria as DFG research infrastructures, which enable inclusion in the RI portal:

  • HUB offers a recognized, established scientific and technological offer

  •  HUB allows free access or regulates a transparent selection process on the basis of scientific quality and feasibility

  • HUB has sustainable management and a long-term perspective.



These boundary conditions are contained in the guidelines of the DFG research infrastructures published by the DFG.

The task of the DFG Portal is to make more effective use of existing resources, to provide external users with access to the required technologies or information sources, and to provide professional support from the institutions. In addition, the portal provides a general overview of research infrastructures at German academic institutions.

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