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Year 2017

Anika Alberts GERMANY

Supervisors: Dr. Konstantin Neumann, / Prof. Dr. Korbinian Brand, Institute of Clinical Chemistry, OE 8110

Project: Erkennung kristalliner Strukturen durch das Immunsystem.


Martin Bentler GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hildegard Büning, Institute of Experimental Haematology, OE 6960

Project:AAV vector based approaches for immunotherapy of cancer.


Janin Bublitz GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Doris Steinemann, Institut of Human Genetics, OE 6300

Project: Nachweis und Bedeutung von strukturellen Genom-Varianten beim familiären Brustkrebs (Detection and Implication of structural genome variants in hereditary breast cancer).


Anne Bührke GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum / Dr. Christian Bär, IFB-Tx, OE 8886

Project: The role of IncRNA H19 in cardiac disease.


Sebastian Burbano De Lara Carrillo ECUADOR

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Teruko Tamura-Niemann, Cell Biochemistry, OE 4310

Project: Identification and characterization of "hidden micropeptides" derived from long noncoding RNAs as cancer biomarkers.


Saskia Carstensen GERMANY   

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jens Hohlfeld, Pneumology, OE 6870

Project:Characterization and modulation of the systemic and pulmonary human immune response after allergic, inflammatory and infectious provocation.



Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Manstein, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350

Project:Allostery and Proteostasis of Regulated Actomyosin Systems in Human Cardiomyocytes.

Left program in December 2018!


Michael Dodsworth UNITED KINGDOM 

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum / Dr. Christian Bär, IFB-Tx, OE 8886

Project: Circular RNAs in heart failure.

Left program in September 2018!


Fatemeh Emamgholi IRAN

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Saborowski, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology, OE 6810

Project:The role of inflammation in the development of cholangiocarcinoma.


Gia-Gia Toni Ho GERMANY

Supervisor: Dr. Christina Bade-Döding, Transfusion Medicine, OE 8350

Project:The contribution of HLA-F to the modulationof HIV and HCV infections.


Temitayo Idowu NIGERIA

Supervisor: PD Dr. Sascha David, Nephrology, OE 6840

Project: Acute (down) regulation of Tie2 in sepsis: Role of shedding (MMP14 driven and role of flowregulated GATA3 transcription.


Emilia Kozdrowska POLAND

Supervisor: Dr. Amar Deep Sharma, AG Cantz, OE 6817

Project:The functional analysis of growth regulators in liver diseases.

Left program in July 2018!


Fabian Kreutzer GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum, IFB-Tx, OE 8886 / Dr. Jan Fiedler, IFB-Tx, OE 8886

Project: Natural compounds to target fibrosis.


Marc Lindenberg GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tim Sparwasser, ,TWINCORE, OE 9653

Project: Bacterial metabolites influencing T cell responses.


Caroline Eunice Mangare KENYA

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Britta Eiz-Vesper,,Transfusion Medicine, OE 8350

Project: Identification of antiviral T cells and purification of clinical grade T cells for personalized antiviral T-cell immunotherapy after transplantation.


Jovana Markovic SERBIA

Supervisor: Dr. Amar Deep Sharma , AG Cantz, OE 6817

Project: Therapeutic reprogramming for the treatment of chronic liver disesases.


Toni Luise Meister GERMANY

Supervisor: Dr. Maren Leifheit-Nestler,, Paediatric Kidney Diseases, OE 9653

Project: Effects of KP-2326 in high phosphate diet-induced cardiac hypertrophy in mice.

Left program in March 2018!


Frederic Vincent Schwäbe GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Manstein,, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350

Project: Structural and functional characterization of proteins implicated in cardiomyopathy.


Anna Vatselia GREECE

Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Thilo Dörk-Bousset, OE 6411,

Project: Functional characterization of a mitotic RAD50 interactome.


Mareike Weber GERMANY

Supervisor:Dr. René Huber, / Prof. Dr. Korbinian Brand,, Institute of Clinical Biochemistry, OE 8110

Project: Regulation of MARCKS during TNF tolerance.


Vanessa Woods JAMAICA

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Moritz,, Experimental Haematology, OE 6961

/ Prof. Dr. Dr. Ute Modlich,,Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, 63225 Langen (Bundesinstitut für Impfstoffe und biomedizinische Arzneimittel)

Project: Generation of platelets with enhanced functionality from induced pluripotent stem cells.


Associated student:

Brenda Esmeralda Vidrio Huerta

Supervisor: PD Dr. Stephan Lortz,, Clinical Biochemistry, OE 4330

Pproject: Luminal H2O2 generation and oxidative ER stress in the initial course of type 2 diabetes.