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DZIF-Workshop of the Infrastructure Biobanking “Storage of biosamples”

The workshop “Storage of Biosamples” took place on October 19th, 2017 at the CRC Hannover. The workshop was directed by the Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB), the central Biobank of the Hannover Medical School.


In our one-day workshop “Storage of biosamples” participants got an insight into current state-of-the-art storage concepts and had the opportunity to discuss best practices on how to maintain optimal sample quality. Quality control concepts as well as backup strategies were also be considered.


Optimal, quality-controlled long-term storage of biospecimen is a prerequisite for successful biobanking, however its realization may pose a considerable challenge. Storage options and storage requirements may vary widely depending on the type of biospecimen, impacting on the individual needs for physical space, storage infrastructure, backup and emergency plans. Apart from storage conditions, also other factors such as usage of already established infrastructures or logistics concepts may influence sample quality considerably.


The workshop addressed scientific and technical staff within DZIF involved in the collection and storage of biosamples or planning to start a collection in the future. As part of the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the storage concepts of their biobank/study/other biosample collection.


You can find a more detailed program here: