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J Yu, VHH Duong, K Westphal, A Westphal, A Suwandi, GA Grassl, K Brand, AC Chan, N Föger and KH Lee. 2018. Surface receptor Toso controls B cell-mediated regulation of T cell immunity. J Clin Invest. 128(5):1820-1836


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N Napke, S Tartz, KH Lee* and T Jacobs*. 2015. The application of anti-Toso antibody enhances CD8(+) T cell responses in experimental malaria vaccination and disease. VACCINE. 33(48): 6763-70

*shared senior authorship


KS Lang, PA Lang, A Meryk, AA Pandyra, LM Boucher, VI Pozdeev, MW Tusche, JR Göthert, J Haight , A Wakeham, AJ You-Ten, DR McIlwain, K Merches, V Khairnar, M Recher, GP Nolan, Y Hitoshi, P Funkner, AA Navarini, A Verschoor, N Shaabani, N Honke, LZ Penn, PS Ohashi, D Häussinger, KH Lee* and TW Mak*. 2013.  Involvement of Toso in activation of monocytes, macrophages, and granulocytes. PNAS. 110(7):2593-8

*shared senior authorship


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