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Teaching and Presentations

Student Supervision

  • Dimitra Papagianni (Medical PhD Student, MHH) – Supervisor (Current)

  • Thomas Braun (Bachelor of Science and Apparative Biotechnology, University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld) – Supervisor (Current)

  • Theresia Reindl (PhD Student, MHH) – Cosupervisor (Current)

  • Ian Bresch (Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, MHH) – Cosupervisor (Alumni)

  • Annemie Albrecht (Lab technician training internship, Sabine Blindow Schule) – Cosupervisor (Alumni)

Teaching Experience

  • 2016-Present       
    Lecture – Structural Biology elective for Masters of Biochemistry
    Lecture series – Molecular Methods for the Bachelor of Biochemistry

  • 2013   
    Seminar – Advanced Imaging Workshop for Malaria Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Recent Conference Presentations

  • 2016 – September
    Poster Presentation: “Regulation of nonmuscle myosin-2 isoforms by cytoplasmic tropomyosins”, Actin in Action, Heidelberg, Germany

  • 2015 – February
    Oral presentation: “The endothelial lesion and erythrocytic vesiculation during Plasmodium falciparum infection”, UTS Seminar Series, Australia

  • 2014 – September
    Oral Presentation: “Novel cytoskeletal-membrane interactions regulating vesiculation”.
    Poster Presentation: “Immuno-analysis and microparticles: probing at the limits of detection”
    Australian Extracellular Meeting Vesicle Conference, QLD, Australia

  • 2014 – August
    Oral Presentation: “Novel cytoskeletal-membrane interactions regulating vesiculation”, Zeiss Meeting, NSW, Australia

  • 2014 – April
    Oral Presentation: “Specificity of cytoplasmic actin isoforms in endothelial vesiculation”, Focus on Microscopy, NSW, Australia