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Research Articles

  • Marzook N.B, Latham S.L, Lynn H, Mckenzie C, Chaponnier C, Grau G.E.R, Newsome T.P.
    Divergent roles of β- and γ-actin isoforms during spread of vaccinia virus.
    Cytoskeleton, doi: 10.1002/cm.21356, 2017.

  • Tiberti N, Latham S.L, Bush S, Cohen A, Opoka R.O, John C.C, Juillard A, Grau G.E.R and Combes V.
    Exploring experimental cerebral malaria pathogenesis through the characterisation of host-derived plasma microparticle protein content.
    Sci Rep 5(6):37871, 2016.

  • Lilly D, Latham S.L, Webb C and Doggett S.
    Cuticle thickening in a Pyrethroid-resistant strain of the common bed bug.
    Plos One, 11(4), doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0153302, 2016.

  • Combes V, Latham S.L, Wen B, Allison A and Grau G.E.R.
    Diannexin down-modulates TNF-induced endothelial microparticle release by blocking membrane process. IJIBCS,
    doi: 10.1177/1352458516636959, 2016.

  • Zinger A, Latham S.L, Combes V, Byrne S, Barnett M.H, Hawke S and Grau G.E.R.
    Plasma levels of endothelial and B-cell-derived microparticles are restored by fingolimod treatment in multiple sclerosis patients.
    Multiple Sclerosis Journal, doi:10.1177/1352458516635290, 2016.

  • Latham S.L, Tiberti N, Gokoolparsadh N, Holdaway K, Olivier Couraud P, Grau G.E.R and Combes V.
    Immuno-analysis of microparticles: probing at the limits of detection.
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  • Wheway J, Latham S.L, Combes V and Grau G.E.R.
    Endothelial microparticles interact with and support the proliferation of T cells.
    J Immunol, 193(7):3378-3387, 2014.

  • Latham S.L*, Chaponnier C, Dugina V, Couraud P.O, Grau G.E.R and Combes V.
    Co-operation between beta- and gamma-cytoplasmic actins in the mechanical regulation of endothelial microparticle formation.
    FASEB J, 27(2):672-83, 2013. *Corresponding Author

  • Walters S.B, Kieckbusch J, Nagalingam G, Swain A, Latham S.L, Grau G.E.R, Britton W.J, Combes V and Saunders B.M.
    Microparticles from mycobacteria-infected macrophages promote inflammation and cellular migration.
    J Immunol, 190(2):669-77, 2013.

Review Articles

  • Latham S.L, Chaponnier C, Grau G.E.R and Combes V.
    The dynamic cytoskeletal-membrane interface during microparticle release.
    Trends in Cell and Molecular Biology, 9:35-50, 2014.