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  • Bacterial and eukaryotic protein expression (E.coli; D. discoideum; Spodoptera frugiperda)
  • Protein purification (affinity-, ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size-exclusion chromatography)
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Transient kinetics (stopped-flow, quenched-flow, flash photolysis of caged compounds, IR-laser induced temperature-jump)
  • Circular dichroism spectroscopy (CD)
  • Calorimetry (DSC and ITC)
  • Dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  • Microscale thermophoresis (MST)
  • Analytical ultracentrifugation techniques (sedimentation velocity AUC; sedimentation equilibrium AUC)
  • Differential scanning fluorescence (Thermo-Fluor assay)
  • Single molecule and live-cell imaging approaches
  • Confocal, evanescent field and spinning disk fluorescence microscopy
  • Macromolecular X-ray crystallography (crystallization robots, crystal imagers, X-ray generators & detectors)
  • Bioinformatics for integrated structural biology and hybrid methods
  • Computer-assisted drug-design (3D-workstations, High-Performance Computing Cluster)