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Year 2016

Ramon Bellmas Sanz SPAIN

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christine Falk, IFB-Tx, OE 8889,

Project: T and NK cell-mediated immune responses of human lung transplant recipients in vivo - impact on the development of transplant arteriosclerosis.


Jacqueline Breuer GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hildegard Büning, Experimental Hematology, OE 6960,

Project: Targeting HIV Integration sites for long term remission and cure.


Muhammad Faisal PAKISTAN

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehmann-Mühlenhoff, Pathologie, OE 5110,

Project: Splice factor mutations in myeloid neoplasia: functional and clinical relevance.


Ankita Garg INDIA

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum, IFB-Tx, OE 8886, and Shashi Kumar Gupta, IFB-Tx, OE 8886,

Project: Regulation, diagnostics and therapy focusing on the mineralcorticoid receptor involved in cardiac remodelling.


Charu Gupta INDIA

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Michael Heuser, Hematology / Oncology, OE 6860, and Dr. Anuhar Chaturvedi, Molecular Therapy, OE 6864,

Project: Functional characterization of Mutant IDH1.


Inga Hensel GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Seidler, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology, OE 6810,

Project: Role of the sodium / hydrogen exchanger NHE2 in intestinal Differentiation.

Inga is class speaker!


Oluwaseun Ayodeji Ishola NIGERIA 

Supervisor: Dr. Tetyana Yevsa

Left program in October 2018!


Adnan Khan PAKISTAN 

Supervisor: Dr. Jörn Tongers, Kardiology /Angiology, OE 6880,

Project: Role of protein Miro in vascular  pathophysiology.

Left program in January 2018!


Parastoo Kheiroddin IRAN

Supervisor: PD Dr. Ingmar Mederacke, Gastroenterology-Hepatology-Endokrinolgy,

Project: Contribution of PPAR-Gamma deletion in hepatic stellate cells to liver fibrosis and cancer.

Left program in January 2019!


Jana van Luttikhuizen NETHERLANDS

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Doris Steinemann, Human Genetics, OE 6300,

Project: Genomic copy number variations associated with response and resistance to endocrine therapy.


Michelangelo Marasco ITALY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Teresa Carlomagno, Institute for Organic Chemistry / BMWZ, Leibniz Universität Hannover,

Project: Structural basis of the activation mechanism of SHP-2 driven by PD-1.


Sagarajit Mohanty India

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Michael Heuser, Hematology / Oncology, OE 6860, and Dr. Nidhi Jyotsana, Molecular Therapy, OE 6864,

Project: Delivery of RNA therapeutics to hematopoietic cells.


Svenja Ellen Brigitte Niehus GERMANY

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Teruko Tamura-Niemann, Physiological Chemistry, OE 4310,

Project: Identification of novel target genes involved in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) Formation and development of chemical compounds for HCC threapy.


Daniela Paasch GERMANY

Supervisor: from June 2017: Prof. Dr. Thomas Moritz, OE 6961,

Project:Generation of macrophages with enhanced functionality using chimeric antigen receptors: proof of principle studies in a model of a CEA-expressing pancreatic carcinoma"


Gwendolin Sabrina Simper GERMANY

Supervisor: Dr. Christina Bade-Döding, Transfusion Medicine, OE 8350,

Project: Molecular targeting of carbamazepine-sepcific T cells to prevent HLA-mediated drug hypersensitivity.


Narges Seyfizadeh IRAN 

Supervisor: Dr. Tetyana Yevsa, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology, OE 6810,

Project: Therapy-induced senescence and concomitant immune response in metastatic liver cancer.

Left program in May 2017!


Associated students:

Luis Almeida PORTUGAL

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tim Sparwasser, TWINCORE

Project: Defining the role of metabolic pathways in helper T-cell subsets.


Jaskiran Kaur INDIA

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andeas Kispert, Molecular Biology, OE 5250,

Project: Signaling pathways in Ureter development.