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Equitable And Familiy-Friendly

To position themselves as attractive educational centres and employers, organizations must have a family-friendly set-up and a family-conscious culture, while ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in terms of both studies and work. MHH has had ‘family-friendly university audit’ certification (awarded by berufundfamilie GmbH) since 2005, and is continuing to enhance its family friendliness. The School is a signatory to the ‘Diversity Charter’. The Equality Office brings together the various measures and provides comprehensive, up-to-date information in printed form and online, and in both German and English.


The main focus of its family-friendliness policy is the wide range of childcare services. With almost 400 whole-day places for girls and boys aged from 8 weeks to 14 years and a wealth of flexible childcare options, MHH is a frontrunner nationwide among academic institutions in this regard. In consultations, in-service training and in the management of working hours, the growing problem of care for dependents is also being tackled.