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It's All About The Patient

Every year, more than 63,000 inpatients are treated here, with over 460,000 outpatient treatment contacts: MHH is a full-service hospital offering ‘supramaximal’ care.  In virtually no other university hospital in Germany are patients with such severe conditions treated as they are here, in our 18 medical centres.  MHH is also a pioneer in transplant medicine and is one of the world‘s leading transplant centres.  


Some 400 organ transplants are performed here annually, more than anywhere else in Germany, with more than 130 bone marrow transplants also handled every year.  The School is the world leader in cochlear implantation, a procedure to fit an electronic device that stimulates the inner ear.  It also enjoys an outstanding international reputation in the treatment of cancer, diseases of the lungs, heart and kidneys and metabolic disorders, as well as in surgery.


Interdisciplinary cooperation is a major priority at MHH. The School’s Claudia von Schilling Centre for Oncology is Lower Saxony’s largest certified oncological centre. Its aim is integrated, all-round care for each and every patient. Other facilities where specialists from various departments work together include the Allergy Centre and the Hearing Centre, as well as the interdisciplinary Centre for Facial Malformations and the Centre for Rare Diseases.