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HUB receives a positive ethics vote from the Ethics Committee


In March 2016, the Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB) was positive evaluated on the valuation basis concept for research related biobanks by the Ethics Committee.

The valuation basis concept for the establishment and operation of a human biobanks was brought out by the Working Group Medical Ethics Committees (AKMEK) as a recommendation in June 2015 and serves as a guide in the assessment of human biobanks for ethics committees. In this recommendation, requirements and assessment criteria for the ethical and legal evaluation of the establishment and operation of biobanks are specified. It serves as a uniform valuation basis concept for research biobanks.

The positive ethics vote of the ethics commission of MHH confirmed HUB the ethical and legal safety in their biobank operation at MHH. After careful consideration of the fulfillment of all necessary requirements and the use of the template of the AKMEK for donation, storage and use of biomaterials as well as the collection, processing and use of data in biobanks from the 09th of November 2013 on excellence site MHH, consist no considerations of the Ethics Committee about the establishment and operation of the central biobank MHH. The use of the template of AKMEK at MHH already contains the essential requirements, of which the donors of biomaterials should be clearly informed.

The TMF - Technology, Methods, and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research e.V. seeks that all biobanks in Germany can be assessed by the relevant ethics committee on this basis concept, which archives standardization of the assessment criteria of national biobanks, as well as it creates transparency and commitment in the field of biobanking and guarantees legal and data security for the donors.


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