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Editorial of special issue "Biobanks" of the Bundesgesundheitsblatt written by HUB





In the current special issue "biobanks" of the Bundesgesundheitsblatt für Gesundheitsforschung und Gesundheitsschutz (Federal Health Journal of Health Research and Health) in February 2016 HUB has written an editorial entitled "Centralized biobanks: a basis for medical research". The article gives an overview of the basics of biobanking, the infrastructure, the IT systems, the ownership and governance structures, the project and quality management and provides an outlook on future development opportunities of biobanking in Germany and worldwide.



The special issue "Biobanks"of the Bundesgesundheitsblatt with the focal point on biobanking is available online:


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I. Bernemann · M. Kersting · J. Prokein · M. Hummel · N. Klopp · T. Illig

Centralized biobanks: a basis for medical Research


Biobanks are the basis for a substantial part of biomedical research. The development, establishment and operation of biobanks are connected to a broad range of aspects, mainly concerning the preparation, storage, usage and dissemination of samples and associated data, in addition to the social and public involvement of these processes. These complex requirements can often only be managed in large centralized biobanks. In recent years, centralized clinical biobanks have been established in several university clinics in Germany. Similar activities take place in other European countries and worldwide. This article highlights the requirements and main tasks of centralized clinical biobanks: high-quality pre-analytics and sample storage, the creation of professional IT structures, data protection, and ethical issues, in addition to quality and project management.



Bundesgesundheitsbl DOI 10.1007/s00103-015-2295-2

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