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German Biobank Node (GBN)


The German Biobank Node (GBN) is the central contact and exchange for the German Biobank community - not only for researchers, but also for politics, media, representatives of patients, industry and funding institutions.

Our aims and activities are:

• create a better networking of national biobanks

• facilitate exchanges of experience between biobanks

• the development of standards for quality assurance

• the elaboration of an IT concept for the sample and data exchange

• inform the public about biobank activities

• participation in the European network of biobanks (BBMRI ERIC)

The core is the central office, which is located close to the national coordinator at the Charité in Berlin. Already established structures in the German biobank community are used by the German Biobank Node to catalyze the exchange of experience. The National Biobank Symposium, which was initiated by the German Biobank Registry (DBR), serves as the central annual scientific meeting for all German biobanks and is jointly organized with GBN since 2014.

At the working level GBN cooperates closely with the German Biobank Registry (DBR) and the TMF working group 'biobanks' (BMB AG) as well as with the five cBMBs and the CCC Working Group, tissue banking'. The German Centres of Health Research and the National Cohort are other important partners who are involved in the projects. This enables a continuous exchange of GBN with all national biobanks and federated networks that operate biobanking.


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