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May 2014




The BIOHYBRID consortium successfully hosted the one-day 1st International Workshop on "INTRINSIC AND EXTRINSIC MECHANISMS OF AXONAL REGENERATION" on May 27th in Brussels, Belgium. During their lectures leading experts from the field presented the latest insights on the molecular and cellular basis of axonal growth and regeneration. Furthermore, the mid-term achievements of the BIOHYBRID project were presented including the CE approval of the REAXON® Nerve Guide as a first product originating from the initiative. The Workshop closed with a round table discussion about the upcoming first clinical trial using a BIOHYBRID product.


At the same event, the founding of the European Society for the Study of Peripheral Nerve Repair and Regeneration (ESPNR) was announced. The ESPNR aims to bring together international experts, junior scientists and cutting edge medical staff in the growing interdisciplinary field of peripheral nerve repair.




January 2014


BIOHYBRID Consortium successfully conducted the 4th General Assembly Meeting and 2nd International Symposium on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration (ISNPR).


The 2nd ISPNR started with a press conference at the Circolo dei Lettori generating considerable interest and press echo. The members of BIOHYBRID Consortium presented their work to a wider audience and peers.




November 2013


2nd International Symposium on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration


Following the success of the of the 1st Symposium  in December 2009 the 2nd International Symposium on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration will take place from 23rd - 25th of January 2014 in Torino, Italy. For registration please see the corresponding website and flyer.



October 2013

Press Echoes


Following the successful publication of "Chitosan tubes of varying degrees of acetylation for bridging peripheral nerve defects" in the Journal Biomaterials (Biomaterials 34 (2013) a press release and corresponding articles on diverse internet platforms and the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung were made available. In addition, a radio interview was aired on Deutschland Radio Kultur on November 16th, 2013.




April 2013


3rd General Assembly Meeting


From April 8th-10th 2013, the General Assembly took place at the University of Lund's Campus in Malmö. A total of 26 delegates from all consortium partners met to discuss on the progress of the tasks in the work packages, highlighted achievements and outlined the plans for the coming 9 months. This was very fruitful in the light of the 1st periodic reports for the first 18 months of the project. In addition, the upcoming shift from in vitro and in vivo work to preclinical trials, aspects of translational work such as quality management and scaling up issues were discussed.

Furthermore tentative manuscripts for publications were discussed and time plans and work allocation issues were agreed upon.




July 2012


2nd General Assembly Meeting


From July 18th-19th 2012, the General Assembly took place at UAB Campus in Barcelona. A total of 34 delegates from all BYOHYBRID Consortium Parners attended the meeting.
During the General Assembly, the scientific advancements reached so far were outlined and the working plan for the scientific experiments that will be carried out along the next nine months of the project has been planned in details. The General Assembly was very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.


BIOHYBRID Poster at the 8th FENS Forum


Kirsten Haastert-Talini presented a poster entitled "BIOHYBRID TEMPLATES TO INCREASE PERIPHERAL NERVE REGENERATION " at the the 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience in Barcelona from July 14th-18th 2012.




April 2012


BIOHYBRID presented at the 1th Congress of the European Federation of Societies of Microsurgery (E.F.S.M) in Paris, France


On behalf of the BIOHYBRID Consortium Stefano Geuna (UNITO) presented the project at the 11th Congress of the European Federation of Societies of Microsurgery (E.F.S.M) in Paris, France (see On the same day, both Stefano Geuna and Lars B. Dahlin (ULUND) were involved in a round table on "Currents concepts in Experimental Microsurgery" where Lars Dahlin gave a talk on "Advances in peripheral nerve tissue engineering".

Every two years the EFSM meeting brings together microsurgeons from all European Countries with colleagues from outside Europe to discuss the latest advancements in reconstructive surgery and tissue engineering. This event represented a unique occasion to illustrate the goals of the BIOHYBRID project to an audience of leading experts in peripheral nerve reconstruction.

EFSM meeting programme



October 2011


BIOHYBRID takes up work


On October 19th-20th 2011, the official kick off meeting and 1st general assembly meeting of the BIOHYBRID project took place at Hannover Medical School. A total of 32 delegates representing all partners of the Consortium attended the meeting that was focused both on administrative and scientific issues. In particular, the details of the work plan for the scientific experiments for the first nine months were established. Since the project is aimed at a clinical orientation, regulatory work for "Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products" (ATMP) development was discussed and plans to start working on ATMP certification issues from the beginning were set. This is in addition to  plans for the biological experiments that are required as the basis for designing an innovative BIOHYBRID scaffold for nerve reconstruction.