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The BIOHYBRID project addresses a complex neurobiological and technological problem which requires the cooperation across disciplines and countries to develop new tools and devices for the improved regenerative treatment of severe nerve injuries. The consortium consists of a multi-national partnership of ten actors from Germany, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. All BIOHYBRID partners hold long-standing knowledge in complementary domains such as biomaterial engineering, neurobiology and clinical surgery. Furthermore they are versed in carrying out R&D projects in multidisciplinary and international contexts and have previously developed substantial collaborations, also with leading research centers in Canada and the USA.


The academic members of the consortium possess a wealth of experience in the field of nerve regeneration. Together they carry out the large amount of state-of-the-art research work, both in vitro and in vivo needed to develop and assess a suitable biohybrid nerve device at the preclinical level. In addition, outstanding clinicians with specialisation in microsurgical nerve repair will monitor the experimental phases of the project and define the conditions and setting for clinical trials and application.


This set up is complemented by three enterprises from the private sector (SMEs- small and medium enterprises) who contribute their expertise as the basis for the biohybrid nerve graft. For the first time in this biomedical field the SME involvement will not be limited to production and supply of materials and services but also includes active participation in the experiments for in vivo preclinical assessment and follow-up.In addition one academic partner (MED-TUM) together with the SMEs have substantiated expertise to meet the regulatory work for ATMP development.