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Open Positions

Students are invited to apply for B.Sc., M.Sc, or PhD. The applicant can select e.g. among the following projects:

  • Engineering artificial motor protein systems for nanotechnological and biomedical applications.
    Methods: structure-based in silico protein engineering, molecular biology, large scale protein purification, cell culture, steady-state and transient kinetics, fluorescence spectroscopy, MST, DLS, single molecule TIRF microscopy.

  • Molecular and functional analysis of TH4FERM-myosins and their roles in transport, cellular architecture, and motile processes
    Methods: Mouse and rat model systems, primary glial cell cultures, neuronal cells, cell transfection, cloning, protein purification, high resolution microscopy, live cell imaging.

  • Regulatory mechanisms of class 1 myosins at the membrane-cytoskeleton interface.
    Methods: Kinetics, fluorescence spectroscopy, cell models, protein purification, high resolution microscopy, live cell imaging, kinase assays, FRET, live cell imaging.

  • Molecular mechanism of the actin-activated power-stroke in myosin.
    Collaboration with Prof. Dr. Matthias Preller (Structural Bioinformatics, Institute for Biophysical Chemistry).
    Methods: Kinetics, fluorescence spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy, protein purification, single molecule microscopy, X-ray crystallography, structure analysis, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics.

We offer MD thesis projects on topics related to human trisomy and chromosomal non-disjunction.

  • Molecular and ultrastructural studies of trisomy in human oocytes by confocal microscopy
    Collaboration with Prof. Dr. C. von Kaisenberg (Klinik für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe, Pränataldiagnostik und Geburtshilfe).