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Group Members

Peter Franz, PhD student
“Structural and mechanistic dissection of the force generating states in the myosin motor”

Johannes Roeles, MD student
“Actin function at the spindle apparatus of human oocytes during meiosis II“

Katharina Stahl, PhD student
„Functional dissection of non-muscle myosins-2 and myosin-10 in glial cells“

Andrea Topf, PhD student
“Microscale thermophoresis as new experimental tool for studying enzyme kinetics”

Christian Waßmann, Technician
“Cloning and production of myosins and cytoskeletal proteins”

Christopher Werlein, MD student
„Cell biological investigations of the pathophysiology of meiotic non-disjunction in human oocytes“




Sarah Rolfes, PhD student (Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover)
“Functional dissection of the Myc/Max interplay”

Former Group Members

Dr. rer. nat. Ralph Diensthuber
Dr. rer. nat. Jonathan Gerber
Dr. rer. nat.  Falk Hartmann
Dr. rer. nat. Nikolas Hundt
Dr. rer. nat. Jens Hukelmann
Dr. rer. nat. Daniela Kathmann
Dr. rer. nat. Heiko Keller
M.Sc. Wolfram Langer
Dr. rer. nat. Jan Lohöfener
Dr. med. Nefeli Malliou-Becher
Girish Rajendraprasad, PhD
Dr. rer. nat. Agrani Rump
Dr. rer. nat. Manuel Taft
Dr. rer. nat. Christine Völkel