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Amrute-Nayak, M., Nayak, A., Steffen, W., Tsiavaliaris, G., Scholz, T., and Brenner, B. (2019)
Transformation of the Nonprocessive Fast Skeletal Myosin II into a Processive Motor.
Small, 15, 1804313. DOI: 10.1002/smll.201804313.


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MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) for studying actin polymerization kinetics.
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Diatrack particle tracking software: review of applications and performance evaluation.
Traffic, 18(12), 840-852 (Review).



Arias-Hidalgo, M, Hegermann, J., Tsiavaliaris, G., Carta, F., Supuran, C.T., Gros, G., Endeward, V. (2016)
CO2 and HCO3 Permeability of the Rat Liver Mitochondrial Membrane.
Cell. Physiol. Biochem., 39(5):2014-2024.

Awah, C.U., Tamm, S., Hedtfeld, S, Steinemann, D., Tümmler, B., Tsiavaliaris, G., Stanke, F.
Mechanism of allele specific assembly and disruption of master regulator transcription factor complexes of NF-KBp50, NF-KBp65 and HIF1a on a non-coding FAS SNP.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1859, 1411-1428.


Arndt, T., Wedekind, D., Jörns, A., Tsiavaliaris, G., Cuppen, E., Hedrich, H.-J., and Lenzen, S.
A novel Dock8 gene mutation confers diabetogenic susceptibility in the LEW.1AR1/Ztm-iddm rat, an animal model of human type 1 diabetes
Diabetologia, in press.

Månsson, A., Dilson, R., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2015).
Poorly understood aspects of striated muscle contraction.
BioMed Research International, epub ahead of print.

Tsiavaliaris,G., Itel, F., Hedfalk, K., Al-Samir, S., Meier, W., Gros, G., and Endeward, V. (2015)
Low CO2 permeability of cholesterol-containing liposomes detected by stopped-flow fluorescence spectroscopy.
FASEB J., epub ahead of print.

Diensthuber, R.P., Tominaga, M., Preller, M., Hartmann, F.K., Orii, H., Chizhov, I., Oiwa, K., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2015).
Kinetic mechanism of Nicotiana tabacum myosin-11 defines a new type of a processive motor.
FASEB J., 29, 81-94.


Janssen, S., Gudi, V., Prajeeth, C.K., Singh, V., Stahl, K., Heckers, S., Skripuletz, T., Pul, R., Trebst, C., Tsiavaliaris, G., and Stangel, M. (2014).
A pivotal role of nonmuscle myosin-2 during microglial activation.
Exp. Neurol., 261, 666-676.

Amrute-Nayaka, M., Lambecka,K.-A., Huhnt, H., Scholz, T., Radocaja, A., Tsiavaliaris, G., Walter, W.J., and Brenner, B. (2014).
Individual molecule ATP-turnover assay hints at two conformers of the myosin active site.
PNAS U.S.A., 111 (7), 2536-2541.



Pfaender, S., Heyden, J., Friesland, M., Ciesek, S., Ejaz, A., Steinmann, J., Steinmann, J., Malarski, A., Stoiber, H., Tsiavaliaris, G., Bader, W., Jahreis, G., Pietschmann, T., Steinmann, E. (2013).
Inactivation of Hepatitis C Virus Infectivity by Human Breast Milk.
J. Infect. Dis., 208 (12), 1943-1952.

Chizhov, I., Hartmann, F.K., Hundt, N., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2013).
Global fit analysis of myosin-5b motility reveals thermodynamics of magnesium-sensitive acto-myosin-ADP states.
PLoS One, 8(5):e64797. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0064797.


Rump, A., Scholz, T., Thiel, C., Hartmann, F. K., Uta, P., Hinrichs, M. H., Taft, M.H. and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2011).
Myosin-1C associates with microtubules and stabilizes the mitotic spindle during cell division.
J. Cell Sci., 124, 2521-2528.

Chinthalapudi, K., Taft, M. H., Martin, R., Heissler, S. M., Preller, M., Hartmann, F. K., Brandstaetter, H., Kendrick-Jones, J., Tsiavaliaris, G., Gutzeit, H. O., Fedorov, R., Buss, F., Knolker, H. J., Coluccio, L. M., and Manstein, D. J. (2011).
Mechanism and specificity of pentachloropseudilin-mediated inhibition of myosin motor activity.
J. Biol. Chem., 286, 29700-29708.


Amrute-Nayak, M., Diensthuber, R.P., Steffen, W., Kathmann, D., Hartmann, F.K., Fedorov, R., Urbanke, C., Manstein, D.J., Brenner, B., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2010).
Targeted optimization of a protein nanomachine for operation in biohybrid devices.
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Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Alkaloids Using Transition Metals.
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Specific Inhibitors of Myosin ATPase via Silver-Catalyzed Synthesis of Pyrroles. The Chemistry and Biological Activity of Synthetic and Natural Compounds – Modern Aspects of Chemistry of Heterocycles.
Book chapter

V. G. Kartsev, Ed.; ICSPF Press, Moscow; Vol. 1, 110-117.

Dieckmann, R., von Heyden, Y., Kistler, C., Gopaldass, N., Hausherr, S., Crawley, S.W., Schwarz, E.C., Diensthuber, R.P., Côté; G.P., Tsiavaliaris, G., and Soldati T., (2010).
A myosin IK-Abp1-PakB circuit acts as a switch to regulate phagocytosis efficiency.
Mol. Biol. Cell, 21, 1505-1518.


Fedorov, R., Böhl, M., Tsiavaliaris, G., Hartmann, F.K., Taft, M.H., Baruch, P., Brenner, B., Martin, R., Knölker, H.J., Gutzeit, H.O., and Manstein, D.J. (2009).
The mechanism of pentabromopseudilin inhibition of myosin motor activity.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 16, 80 - 87.

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Dictyostelium myosin-1E is a fast molecular motor involved in phagocytosis
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Mutations in the relay loop region result in dominant-negative inhibition of myosin II function in Dictyostelium.
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Dietmar J. Manstein, Roman Fedorov, Georgios Tsiavaliaris, Hans-Joachim Knölker, René Martin, Juliane Kirst, Herwig O. Gutzeit, Markus Böhl, Marcus Furch.
Means for treating myosin-related diseases.
(WO/2009/065600), International Application No.: PCT/EP2008/009891; Publication Date: 28.05.2008; International Filling Date: 21.11. 2008.

Selected Conference Abstracts

Schirmer, B., Rajendraprasad, G., Tsiavaliaris, G.; Rehmann, H, Seifert, R (2015) Exotoxin Y of Pseudomonas aeruginosa inhibits actin polymerization.
NAUNYN-SCHMIEDEBERGS ARCHIVES OF PHARMACOLOGY  Volume: 388   Supplement: 1   Pages: S43-S43.   

Ralph P. Diensthuber, Falk K. Hartmann, Daniela Kathmann, Katharina Stahl, Manuel H. Taft, Georgios Tsiavaliaris (2013)
Mechanisms of mechanochemical coupling in low and high duty ratio myosins.
Biophysical Journal 01/2013; 104(2):3a–4a. DOI:10.1016/j.bpj.2012.11.040.

Hartmann, F.K., Hundt, N., Diensthuber, R.P., Chizhov, I., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2012)
Control of transport in myosin-based nanodevices by divalent cations.
J Muscle Res Cell Motil (2012) 33:235–289; DOI 10.1007/s10974-012-9313-x

Scholz, T., Rump, A., Uta, P., Hinrichs, M., Thiel, C., Tsiavaliaris, G. (2010)
Myosin-1 function extends to microtubule-dependent processes.
Biophysical Journal 01/2010; 98(3). DOI:10.1016/j.bpj.2009.12.3040

Kathmann, D.,  Diensthuber, R.P., Hartmann, F.K., Fedorov, R., Manstein, D.J., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2010)
Switch-2 dependent modulation of the myosin power stroke.
Biophysical Journal 01/2010; 98(3-3, Supplement 1):143a-144a. DOI:10.1016/j.bpj.2009.12.773 ·

Amrute-Nayak, M., Diensthuber, R.P., Steffen, W., Kathmann, D., Hartmann, F.K., Fedorov, R., Urbanke, C., Manstein, D.J., Brenner, B., and Tsiavaliaris, G. (2010)
Targeted optimization of a molecular motor for controlling movement in biohybrid devices.
Biophysical Journal 01/2010; 98(3-3, Supplement 1):606a. DOI:10.1016/j.bpj.2009.12.3301 ·

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V. G. Kartsev, Ed.; ICSPF Press, Moscow; Vol. 1, 110-117.