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Establishment of a new data base and software system (CentraXX, Kairos) at HUB

to manage the biobank sample data and processes in the HUB.

The high rise in the number of biobank users and data volumes of Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB) has caused that HUB has switched to one of the big biobank systems (Biobank Information Management System = BIMS) on the German market.

In autumn 2015, the system "CentraXX" of the company Kairos will start productive operation at the HUB. The test operation started already in 2014, the year of purchase.

Other reasons for a decision in favor of CentraXX were the interfaces to laboratory and storage systems, the subjects centered data storage, the modern, web-based interface and the technical support for identity management and data protection.

At present, the IT staff of the HUB as well as professionals of the Kairos and Hamilton companies are engaged in the customizing of the Hanoverian CentraXX instance. This also includes the integration of the automated -80°C samples repository (BIOS, Hamilton) in the storage room of the biobank and the blood processing robot (Easy Blood, Hamilton) in the laboratory.

It is planned to use CentraXX as the leading system for managing the embedded samples and data up from the end of 2015 and 2016 to train all projects and customers successively and to migrate the data to CentraXX.

(Dec 2015)