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Influenza vaccination study


The influenza study takes place in cooperation with the TWINCORE and the HZI.

After finishing the pilot study with 34 participants, the main study with 200 participants has started in autumn 2015. Included are individuals aged 60-80 years, because in Germany, the influenza vaccination is recommended for this age group. Excluded are (1) individuals who have a known allergy to egg white, because the vaccine may contain traces of egg white and (2) individuals who cannot fully understand due to impaired cognition consequences of trial participation.



  • Pilot study: 34 participants
  • Main study: 200 probands (106 probands 12/2015)
  • aged 60-80 years



  • Plasma
  • Sera
  • PAXgene
  • Buffy coat (DNA)´


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