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Competence Network Hepatitis / HepNet Study House of the German Liver Foundation (MHH / HUB)


The Competence Network Hepatitis was launched in 2002 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is an amalgamation of many well-known experts in the field of hepatitis in Germany. In addition to researchers at University clinics hospitals, practicing physicians and patient advocacy groups are involved in the work. Since February 2007, the German Liver Foundation supports the "Competence Network Hepatitis" and its sub-projects.

German Liver Foundation funded projects of the Competence Network Hepatitis deal with basic research, clinical research and the quality assurance of diagnostics in this field.

In HepNet Study House-treatment studies and patient registries to hepatitis B, C, D and E are carried out and evaluated.

Furthermore,central biobanks were established in the „Kompetenznetz Hepatitis“ to collect  biomaterials (2003 to 2009) and to provide them for important scientific questions.

It exists biomaterial (sera and/or sections) from more than 500 HBV patients as well as samples from more than 1.600 HCV patients. Data to biomaterial samples are also deposited inthe  HepNet Register of the Deutschen Leberstiftung.

The tissue bank was documental integrated in the DZIF tissue bank Heidelberg.

On request these biomaterials can be used for scientific projects. The use is connected to certain criteria, the board of the German Liver Foundation and the committee of data security watch over the compliance.



Storage of the samples:

-20°C/-80°C (liquids)

RT (paraffin blocks)



Special Consent; sample are only available after application at the Deutschen Leberstiftung.



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