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Three poster awards for HUB at the 3rd German National Biobank Symposium in Berlin

HUB wins at the Germany's largest biobank meeting (2014) three poster awards in all three competition categories

More than 300 national and international scientists from the field of biobanking, epidemiology and clinical studies, as well as representatives of leading industrial and pharmaceutical companies met at 3rd and 4th of December 2014 at the third German National Biobank Symposium in Berlin to discuss about the latest trends in biobanking.

On this greatest biobank Meeting of Germany the special performance of the Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB) has been awarded as an innovative and cutting-edge biobank of MHH with three poster awards. The three awards for the best scientific poster presentations at the symposium went to the biobank team of HUB from Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig, head of the central biobank of MHH. The winners are Dr. Norman Klopp, Inga Bernemann and Dr. Markus Kersting, who won with their contributions in the fields of infrastructure, quality management and IT systems for biobanks the awards of all three categories.

Due to the excellent construction and establishment performance of Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig and his biobank team, HUB as a relatively new biobank, which was  founded at the MHH  just in 2012, managed to be at eye level to the already established biobanks Germany in very short time. Through their commitment, their developer mind and numerous cooperation on MHH internal, national, but also international levels, new standards were set in biobanking in Germany. Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig, who is one of the most cited scientists in the field of genetics and molecular biology, and his team build up a central, harmonized biobank at the MHH in the new and modern Clinical Research Center in Hannover.

"To attract at the largest biobank meeting in Germany with more than 300 participants all prices in the three different categories," says Prof. Illig "was already an unusual success for our biobank. Especially when you consider, that ,compared to other large biobanks in Germany, we have started relatively lately. "

This remarkable honor can be taken as an indication that the central biobank of MHH is on the right way to establish the biobanking at the science site Hannover and to strengthen the excellence position of the MHH in innovative research in the 21st century. "Also, this award is," smiles the epidemiologist "particularly noteworthy, because the HUB received no start-up financing, unlike most other biobanks in Germany, so that this just has been reached by  local resources."