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Gruppenmitglied - Prof. Dr. Christian Stock

Curriculum vitae

Studies of biology and chemistry at the Universities of Oldenburg, Bonn and Osnabrück. Holding a diploma in plant cell biology and a PhD in animal physiology. Postdoc positions at the Universities of Heidelberg (1998), Hawai'i (1998-2002), Würzburg (2002-2003) and Münster (2003-2008). In 2008 Habilitation and Venia legendi for Physiology, and in 2014 "Außerplanmäßiger Professor", both awarded by the Medical Faculty of the University of Münster. At the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endocrinology since September 2014. I am interested in how ion transport processes across cellular membranes are involved in osmoregulation, cell motility (migration and invasion) and cell differentiation, and how they may create typical, locally limited microenvironments in the cytosol and at the cell surface that regulate cell/cell and cell/matrix interactions.




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Meeting Report 

      1. Pedersen S.F. and Stock C. (2013). Ion channels and transporters in cancer: pathophysiology, regulation and clinical potential. Meeting Report. Cancer Res. 73, 1-4. (PMID 23302229)


      Popular Scientific Articles

 1. Stock, C. and Schwab, A. (2006). How ion channels and transporters affect metastasis. PN (Physiology News, Quarterly Newsletter of the Physiological Society, UK), spring edition, number 62, 19-20.

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