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Exchange of information between the biobank of Charite Berlin and HUB


On the 11th of December 2014 the representatives of the Biobank Charité Berlin (Director Prof. Dr. Michael Hummel), as well as architects and employees of the construction unit of the Charité met with representatives of the Hannover Unified Biobank (Director Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig) and Mr. Jabs from the MHH department of "Sustainable Technical Development" at the HUB.

After the presentation of the concept of the MHH biobank and the infrastructure of the HUB (Dr. Norman Klopp), both partners carried out an intensive exchange of views. Furthermore, it was discussed about possible bilateral cooperation and interoperability between the two biobanks.

Then the HUB presented her laboratory and frozen storage infrastructure. Representatives of the Charité outlined the plans for the new building at the biobank building at the Virchow Campus in Berlin, as a part of the "Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)".


Front: third and fourth from right:  Prof. Michael Hummel (Berlin) and  Prof. Thomas Illig (Hannover)