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·   Why a structured PhD?




A structured PhD in HBRS has many advantages compared to a "normal" PhD (Dr.rer.nat.) at MHH:


 Please see also the students' view here


1. Overall:  HBRS takes care that your PhD should not not take more than 3-4 years. Good supervision and funding for the whole duration of PhD is guaranteed.


2. International: you meet and interact people from more than 40 different countries


3. Networking and interdisciplinarity: we have around 250 PhD students as well as 150 supervisors in our graduate school. You get to know students and supervisors from different disciplines. Everyone is willing to assist you in your project.


4.  Personal development and Career: The HBRS also provides various opportunities for personal development and social interaction. Previous events organised for our students include:

# Orientation weeks
# Conflict/ Stress/ Project/ Time Management
# The Annual Indian Party and HBRS Christmas Party
# HBRS Career Day
# Intercultural communication, Team Work
# GMP course
# Day/weekend trips to various German cities
# Career advice including special soft skill courses and excursions to industry
# Master Classes and Summer Schools


5. HBRS office/ PhD offices: take care of all personal matters. Every student has got one main supervisor as well as two co-supervisors. Furthermore, you can rely on your fellow classmates as well as senior students. So, you are never left alone in case of problems!