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Risacher, M.R. et al. (2014), Abstract

Martin R, Risacher C, Barthel A, Jäger A, Schmidt AW, Richter S, Böhl M, Preller M, Chinthalapudi K, Manstein DJ, Gutzeit HO, Knölker H-J (2014)

Silver(I)-Catalyzed Route to Pyrroles: Synthesis of Halogenated Pseudilins as Allosteric Inhibitors for Myosin ATPase and X-ray Crystal Structures of the Protein–Inhibitor Complexes.

Eur J Org Chem: n/a-n/a


The pentahalogenated 2-arylpyrrole-type alkaloids pentabromopseudilin and pentachloropseudilin represent a new class of isoform-specific allosteric inhibitors of myosin ATPase. Herein, we describe an application of the silver(I)-catalyzed cycloisomerization of N-(homopropargyl)toluene-sulfonamides to the total syntheses of these natural productsand several non-natural analogues. Moreover, we examine the inhibitiory effect of pentahalogenated pseudilins on myosin ATPase activity.