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What you really should know:



Hannover Biomedical Research School ensures adequate training for all budding scientists. Courses available outside the curriculum include:

# Animal Handling 
# Gene Technology
# Omics and Bioinformatics
# Good Scientific Practise
# Master Class Lectures
# LISA Summer Academy in Immunology (for potential PhD applicants)

The HBRS also provides various opportunities for personal development and social interaction. Previous events organised for our students include:

# Orientation weeks
# The Annual HBRS Christmas Party
# Conflict/ Stress/ Project/ Time Management
# Scientific writing
# HBRS Career Day
# Intercultural communication
# Team work
# Day/weekend trips to various German cities
# Career advice including special soft skill courses and excursions to industry





The HBRS office/ PhD office takes care of all personal matters. Every student has got one main supervisor as well as two co-supervisors. Furthermore, you can rely on your fellow classmates as well as senior students. So, you are never left alone in case of problems!