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Medical Head


Dr. med. Julia Freise

Contact Person

Nicole Shearman






0511 / 532 18888






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The Clinic of Pneumology offers patients the opportunity for treatment as part of clinical studies of phases I-IV.


We perform a large number of clinical trials of Phase I-IV with the aim to improve the therapy by the use of medicines and of new treatment strategies.



Our main focus lies on the treatment of: 


community acquired pneumonia and nosocomial pneumonia (lung inflammation )


COPD and Asthma


Non- CF- Bronchiectasis


Cystic fibrosis (CF) /  Mucoviscidosis


Fibrosis and interstitial lung disease


Sleep apnoea syndrome


and other infectious diseases (for example Sepsis)



Furthermore we are conducting clinical studies of pulmonary hypertension (PH-Outpatient Care) and lung transplantation (Tx-Outpatient Care).


We set great value upon quality assurance of clinical trials. All studies are provided according to the guidelines for good clinical practice (GCP) and with the applicable regulations (AMG, MPG, GCP-V).


Our qualified and experienced staff is a central interface between internal and external partners in all study-related activities (scheduling, performing, documenting and reporting).


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