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Range of Services

The range of services provided by the Office of Grant and Contract Administration includes the following: 


1. Pre-award period:

  • Providing advisory services during the financial-planning stage and assistance with the completion of application forms
  • Procuring required documents of confirmation and verification
  • Reviewing draft contracts in collaboration with the Legal Department, such as research cooperation agreements, research and development agreements and contract research agreements
  • Reviewing fund approval documents
  • Procuring signatures from the Governing Board or the Legal Department

2. Project start:

  • Setting up external-funding accounts

3. Project implementation:

  • Preparing requests for funds
  • Monitoring and reviewing incoming and outgoing external-fund transfers
  • Reviewing planned staff recruitment funded by external funds and reviewing personnel cost transfers
  • Reviewing investment applications
  • Collaborating with the project leader to ensure compliance with all budget laws and other regulations relating to the project
  • Advising on applications to reallocate or increase funds or to extend project duration
  • Producing interim reports on the use of funds
  • Preparing mandatory audits and performing relevant functions arising in this context

4. Project completion:

  • Furnishing reports on the use of funds for review by the Internal Auditing Department
  • Repaying unspent funds or transferring them to accounts for remaining funds
  • Closing external funding accounts

5. Miscellaneous:

  • Administering donations
  • Generating analyses and reports, e.g. for the Governing Board and ministries
  • Administering federal state extra-budgetary resources