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What is the difference between a stipend and a position?

What is the difference between a classical PhD and a PhD in a structured program?


Classical PhD at MHH


Structured PhD at HBRS 

 One supervisor and one cosupervisor

 (more cosupervisors optional)

 Main supervisor and two cosupervisors from different departments; annual thesis advisory meetings

 Project provided by supervisor   

 Project provided by supervisor and checked by PhD committee 

 You start anytime

 You start in October. You have classmates (usually a batch of up to 20 students per program per year)

 Change of project difficult

 Time of probation 6 months; change of project within program possible

 You have colleagues in your department and have to take efforts to get to know other PhD students outside your group

 You have colleagues in your department and regularly meet fellow PhD students in HBRS seminars as well as other HBRS activities

 No special seminars and courses offered

 HBRS seminars every week during first two years

 You have to look for opportunities on your own; you have to take at least two soft skill cources

 Soft skill courses, Master classes, excursions, events, Career advice etc.

 Not provided by MHH

 German classes and Scientific English


 Annual retreat with all members of your program

 No intermediate exam

 Intermediate exam

 PhD office responsible mainly for registration and handing in thesis; International office helps international students

 PhD and HBRS office provide help any time

 Not provided

 Orientation weeks and senior  student mentors

 Organize on your own

 Housing, bank account, insurance etc. for international students organized by PhD office

 Final PhD defense

 Final PhD defense

 No PhD degree awarded, only Dr.rer.nat or Dr.biol.hum.

 PhD or Dr.rer.nat. degree

 Medical students can only do the degree

 Medical students can be awarded PhD degree (German students after they have done

 Not provided

 Huge HBRS Alumni network