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I N F O R M A T I O N S   F O R   O U R   V I S I T O R S 

Dear Visitors,

as orientation you may find here some information about our clinic.


Please consult visiting times of each ward. From 14.00 to 17.00 daily are usually the best visiting hours, but please remember, that your relatives/friends possibly may be absent for examinations or sourgeries.


Please also remember, the most of our patients are in the multi-bed wards. As important as your visit may be for you and your loved ones, as stressfull it might be for other patients in the same room.


Please respect the need for rest and quietness of the other patients, limit your visit time, avoid loud conversation and observe the rule not to visit with more than 2 visitors at the same time. Certain exceptions may be accepted and should be previously discussed with the care staff or doctors at the wards.


   Our clinic offers excellent in- and outpatient care with a highly qualified team of experts that consists doctors,

   nursing staff, medical laboratory assistants, physiotherapist and much more.


   Information about our outpatient care and contact details you will find  >>HERE.


   Information about all of our wards you will find >>HERE.


   Information about all of our functional areas you will find >>HERE.



   >> Location map of MHH (PDF)


   >> Location map of MHH (Link)



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