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Society of Friends of the Department of Otolaryngology at Hannover Medical School

Researching for health





    At Hannover Medical School’s ENT Department we carry out numerous projects for our patients’ benefit – some of which are not affordable with our own resources alone.
    So we can use all the support we can get!


    Your membership fee will be used for research and development within the Department. Among other things, modern equipment and facilities will be funded to ensure our doctors and scientists can continue their high-quality work. It also helps us to maintain existing contacts and establish new international contacts at conferences and other events.


    -> Wir machen Menschen hörend - helfen Sie uns dabei (pdf)




    Further information is available in the Society’s leaflet:


    -> Wer Ohren hat zu hören (pdf)

  •  Your donation

    If you wish to make a donation, please ask for our bank details via email. A donation receipt will also be issued on request.




  •  Your membership

    Another way to support us is to join the Society of Friends. The Society directly and solely pursues the aim of advancing otolaryngology in both research and clinical practice at Hannover Medical School. The annual membership fee is:

    • companies and corporate bodies EUR 100,–
    • individual members EUR 30,–

    The membership fee is tax-deductible.


  •  Office of the Society of Friends of the Department of Otolaryngology

    Aussiger Wende 7B
    30559 Hannover

    Tel: +49 (0)511 532 3045
    Fax: +49 (0)511 532 5558





Please note:
The Society of Friends is a registered association (Hannover District Court /Amtsgericht Hannover, registration no. 6919) and is recognised as charitable in its aims. This ensures that your donations and membership fees are used for the intended purpose. In this way, each donation supports only research at Hannover Medical School and is tax-deductible.