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EU-Projekt "Stem Cell Imaging"

Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant "Stem Cell Imaging"

(EU FP7 PIRG08-GA-2010-276889)



This grant has been awarded to Frank M. Bengel, MD, in order to support transition of his research on myocardial regeneration from his prior workplace at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, to Hannover Medical School (MHH), Germany.


During the funding period, a molecular imaging platform for noninvasive monitoring of the mechanisms involved in myocardial repair, including cell trafficking and microenvironmental conditions, was developed.


In a 4-year project, starting in July 2011 and ending in June 2015, Dr. Bengel and his collaborators at MHH tested the central hypothesis that molecular-targeted nuclear imaging of the myocardium permits characterization of an optimal biologic environment that supports the recruitment of stem cells for tissue recovery.


» Visit the preclinical molecular imaging lab of the department, where the research work has been conducted

» Visit the annual research report of the department for further details on the published results

Molecular Hybrid PET-CT Scans with Various Tracers in Mice After Myocardial Infarction (read more in Results Section)