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Year 2012

Anna Buermann GERMANY 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Schwinzer, Visceral Surgery, OE 6220;

project: Negative costimulation for the control of cellular immune response to porcine xenografts

Final exam June 2016


Carina Elsner GERMANY  
supervisor: Dr. Bohne, Virology, OE 5230,   
project: Post-transcriptional regulation of Trim5alpha expression and usage of Trim proteins to prevent HIV infection

Final exam June 2017


Ariana Foinquinos VENEZUELA, 

supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Thum, IMMTS, OE8886,

project: Functional relevance of single miRs in cardiac disease

Final exam November 2016


Christina Galonska GERMANY

project: Molecular characterization of pluripotent states in mouse embryonic stem cells

Final exam June 2016.

Ramya Goparaju INDIA  
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Heuser, Hematology & Oncology, OE 6860;

co-supervisor: Dr. Anuhar Chaturvedi, Molecular Therapy, OE 6864;

project: Modulation of the myeloid differentiation block in AML

Final exam November 2017.


Nikolas Hundt GERMANY
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manstein, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350;     
project: Isoform-specific actomyosin interactions in nonmuscle cells

Final exam November 2015.


Alexandra Ingendoh-Tsakmakidis GREECE

from October 2013:

supervisor: Prof. Dr. Meike Stiesch, Prof. Dr. Eberhard, Dental Prothetics, OE 7710,;        
project: Interaction between human cells and bacterial biofilm in an implant-tissue-bacterial coculture model

Alexandra is class speaker! 

Final exam November 2017.


Razan Jammal LEBANON
supervisor: Dr. Klusmann, OE 6780,   
project: High throughput functional characterization of miRNAs in cytogenetically defined AML subgroups

Final exam June 2016.

Dmitry Labutin RUSSIA  
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gessner, Clinic for Immunology and Rheumatology, OE 6830,    
project: Isotype-specific functions of G alpha i proteins in immune effector cells

Dmitry left the program in April 2013!

Pavan Beleyur Narayanaswamy INDIA  
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dumler, Nephrology, OE 6840;    
project: Urokinase receptor in intracellular proteolysis: Role for the DNA damage in cancer and vascular aging

Final exam June 2016.


Hansi Pathak INDIA
from September 2013:

supervisor: Prof. Dr. Frieling/ Dr. Matthias Rhein, Molecular Psychiatry, OE 7110,
project: In vitro investigation of the consequences of alcohol exposure

Final exam November 2016


Dennis Rataj GERMANY
supervisor:  Dr. Tiede/ Dr. Werwitzke, Hematology&Oncology, OE 6860,   
project:  Hemostasis disorders in xenotransplantation

Final exam June 2016


Anja Schumacher GERMANY  

superrvisor: PD Dr. Kühnel, Gastroenterology&Hepatology&Endocrinology, OE 6810,  

project: Investigations on the use of proinflammatory antagonists of CTLA-4 and PD-1 in Viroimmunotherapy of solid Tumors

Final exam November 2015


Harshit Shah INDIA  
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Behrens, Clinic for Immunology & Rheumatology, OE 6830;
project: Targeting metabolic pathways in cancer cells

Final exam November 2017


Kristina Thamm GERMANY
supervisor: Dr. S. David, Nephrology, OE 6840,

project: The role of the endothelial Tie2 receptor in experimental sepsis 

Final exam June 2016.


Cristina-Il. Ureche ROMANIA  
supervisor: PD Dr. Kühnel, Gastroenterology&Hepatology&Endocrinology, OE 6810,

project: Adoptive transfer of bispecific tumor/virus T cells for the therapy of solid Tumors

Final exam November 2015.


Kriti Verma INDIA
from July 2013:

supervisor: PD. Dr. Lothar Hambach, Hematology&Oncology, OE 6863,   

project: The role of miRNAs in the differentiation of anti-leukemic T-cells

Final exam November 2016


Dakai Yang CHINA

supervisor: Dr. Sharma/ Prof. Cantz, REBIRTH, OE 8881     

project:  The role of microRNA in the late phase of liver Regeneration

Final exam June 2016


Yuliia Yuzefovych  UKRAINE 
supervisor: PD Dr. Huyton, Transfusion Medicine, OE 8350, 
project: The control of proliferation and cell senescence by pp32r1 (ANP32C)

Final exam November 2015