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The Hannover Medical School (MHH) has established a centralized, harmonized, modern, unified biobank called Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB) which is led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig.


HUB is certificated in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.
HUB received a positive assessment by the ethics committee. This confirmed the ethical and legal acceptance of HUB according to the valuation basis concept of the working group Medical Ethics Committees (AKMEK) for research-related biobanks.

HUB is located in the Clinical Research Center (CRC) on the campus of the neighboring Fraunhofer campus (ITEM) - in the Medical Park Hannover.

It is planned to consolidate the quality assured biomaterial collections of the MHH into one single, modern repository. Samples from external institutions can be stored in HUB, too. The HUB manages deposit, retrieval, quality and information for all samples. All services can be consumed according to a well-defined cost structure.


Samples are processed according to strict SOPs with a high level of automation. Storage of the samples takes place in the modern, secure CRC building mostly in liquid nitrogen tanks and retrieved by an automated -80°C freezer. Sample related data are securely stored within a central database system.

Special core centers are responsible for preparation of different sample types (blood, plasma, sera, DNA/RNA, tissues, cells,  microorganisms, body liquids, swabs). It is possible for researchers to access these material.

About 1.8 Million samples are administered in the IT biobank systems of HUB.

Besides storage capacity and automated pre-analytics for the samples the HUB offers services like DNA Isolation.

For further Information please refer to

Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig (illig.thomas[at]  Tel. 5350-8350) or
     Dr. Norman Klopp (klopp.norma[at]  Tel. 5350-8452)


Research and clinical work at MHH will necessarily result in a huge amount of specimens, including tissues, blood related samples, living cells, cell cultures, urine samples, swabs from different sources, stool, biliary fluid samples, broncho-alveolar lavage specimens and microorganisms.

To achieve comparable sample quality a high level of harmonization for all pre-analytic processes is needed. The prospective processing and archiving of all specimens, will be performed in a harmonized fashion relying on strict Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs). Hannover Unified Biobank will optimize sample quality and sample related procedures by adhering to the following major principles:

  • Strict and harmonized SOPs and highest possible quality of biological materials in all steps of preparation storage and retrieval of samples

  • High grade of automation in all possible steps of pre-analytics, storage  and retrieval of samples and strict sample tracking (LIMS/BIMS) to prevent contamination, misplacement of samples

  • Storage of most samples in the gasphase of liquid nitrogen tanks to protect against any biological disintegration after a long period of storage time

  • High security and sample safety standards

  • Elaboration of patient consent forms with ethics specialists and lawyers from MHH and Leibniz Universität Hannover.

  • Further development of biobanking software and databank.

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