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Year 2011

Megha Abbey INDIA 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manstein/ Dr. Eschenburg, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350;

project:  X-Ray crystallographic analysis of sub-complexes of the mammalian apoptosome

from September 2013:

supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gaestel/ Dr. Menon, Physiological Chemistry, OE 4310,    
project: The role of the p38 MAPK/Mk- pathway in the regulation of cytoskeletal dyanamics and intracellular Transport

Final exam November 2015


Nupur Aggarwal INDIA 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Janciauskiene, Pneumology, OE 6870,  
project: Ex vivo investigation of anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of Alpha 1-Antitrypsin (AAT)

Final exam June 2016.

Shikhar Aggarwal INDIA  
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stripecke, Haematology and Oncology, OE 6860,       
project: Engineered dendritic cell immunotherapy for immune-reconstitution after irradiation combined with stem cell transplantation

Left the program in summer 2012 due to personal reasons!

Roopsee Anand INDIA  
supervisor:Prof. Dr. Manstein/ Dr. Reubold, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350;

project: Biochemical & structural characterization of dynamins in complex with small molecule effectors & protein interaction partners

Final exam November 2015.


Sagar Bhayana INDIA 
supervisor: Dr. Roland Schmitt, Nephrology, OE 6840;    
project: Autophagy in accelerated aging and senescence of Renal Transplantation

Final exam June 2015.

Sebastian Brennig GERMANY 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Moritz, REBIRTH, OE 8882,      
project: Transgenic expression of cytidine deaminase (CDD) and multidrug resistance gene 1 (MDR1) to optimise treatment strategies for acute leukemias and the myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)

Final exam June 2015.

Carola Bunse GERMANY 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Eiz-Vesper, OE 8350,  
project:  Identification of the role of suppressors of cytokine signalling (SOCS) to maintain the balance between antigen-specific T cells and regulatory T cells (Tregs) in the adoptive immune Response

Final exam June 2015.

Michelle Maria Araujo Cruz INDIA 
supervisor:   Prof. Dr. Heuser, Haematology and Oncology, OE 6860,

co-supervisor: Dr. Anuhar Chaturvedi, Molecular Therapy, OE 6864,

project: Transcriptional control of MN1 target genes

Final exam June 2016.


Eileen Frenzel GERMANY 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Janciauskiene, Pneumology, OE 6870,   
project: The role of Alpha1-Antitrypsin in inflammation: effects on Neutrophil adhesion and Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) Formation

Final exam June 2015.

Jan Lohöfener GERMANY 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manstein/ Dr. Fedorov, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350;   
project: Designing allosteric OAS activators as potential anti-viral agents

Final exam January 2015. UMASS, USA

Houra Loghmani Khouzani IRAN 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Theilmeier, Anaestesiology, OE 8050,    
project:  Genomic and proteomic approach to biomarker identification for perioperative cardiovascular outcome 

Final exam November 2014, University of Göttingen

Raghav Oberoi INDIA 
supervisor:  Dr. Luchtefeld, Cardiology, OE 6880,  
project: Role of TNF-a antagonism on atherosclerotic plaque development in a humanized mouse model

From October 2012: University Giessen und Marburg GmbH, Kardiology, Biomed. Forschungszentrum, AG Prof. Schieffer

Final exam June 2016.


Salma Pathan C. INDIA supervisor: Prof. Dr. Manstein, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350;

project: Allosteric communication in the myosin motor Domain

Final exam June 2015.


Bhavna Rani INDIA 
superrvisor:  Dr. Sharma/ Prof. Cantz, REBIRTH, OE 8881       
project: Elucidation of microRNAs functions during liver regeneration

Left the program due to personal reasons!


Girish Rajendraprasad INDIA 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tsiavaliaris, Biophysical Chemistry, OE 4350;   
project: Molecular and functional dissection of myosins at the membrane-cytoskeleton Interphase

Final exam June 2015. Biophysical Chemistry MHH


Shashank Saran INDIA 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tamura-Niemann, Physiological Chemistry, OE 4310,

project:  Role of THOC5 in cell proliferation/differentiation and as a target for cancer therapy 

Final exam November 2014. Physiological Chemistry, MHH

Björn Schulte GERMANY 
supervisor:  Dr. Wölk, Virology, OE 5230,      
project: Characterization of Hepatitis C virus quasispecies evolution in the interplay of virus-host interactions, viral fitness and immune Response

Final exam November 2015.

Steffi Schwarz GERMANY 
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Behrens, Clinic for Immunology and Rheumatology, OE 6830,

project: Contribution of autophagy to antigen presentation and autoimmunity

Left the program due to personal reasons.


Lena Stachorski GERMANY supervisor: Dr. Klusmann, Paediatric Hematology and Oncology, OE 6780,

project: Characterization of oncogenes on chromosome 21 identified by shRNA-based viability screening 

Final exam June 2015.


Shihong Zhang CHINA 
supervisor: PD Dr. Cornberg, Gastroenterology, OE 6810,      
project:Characterization of HCV-specific CD8+ T cells in HCV seronegative and infected individuals

Final exam November 2015