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Booking (intranet only)


For microscope reservations please use the online booking scheduler. The scheduler can only be reached from the MHH network or, if your are a MHH student or employee, from outside the MHH via Citrix.

If you can not reach the scheduler, please call Wolfgang Posselt (532 8458) for reservations.


Booking before use is obligatory.


Do not reserve a microscope more than 2 weeks in advance.


Please observe the maximum reservation time indicated in the online scheduler.

Overnight hours (22:00 - 8:00) are not shown in the scheduler but can be booked as other hours within the pop up window "Make a New Reservation".


If you do not use your slot delete your reservation. If you made a reservation you are responsible that the system is switched off, if you cancel your reservation (the previous user did not know that you are going to cancel your reservation). Users will be charged for the hours the microscope was running.


You are responsible for the system while you are booked


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