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New microscopes


The research core unit provides two new microscope systems.

The first, a cooperation of Nikon Instruments and Andor Technology, is the Swiss army knife of our microscopes. The system consists of a confocal Yokogawa X1 spinning disk with two EMCCD cameras for parallel recording of two channels. This is extended by a TIRF module with can either be used with the EMCCDs or a large chip sCMOS camera. Both confocal and TIRF microscopy can be combined with a separate bleach laser scanner for FRAP or fluorescence activation. The setup is completed with a super resolution module for 2D or 3D, D- or N-STORM. Finally the microscope holds an incubator with temperature, humidity, and CO2 control.

The second system is a Leica SP8 confocal laser scanning microscope replacing our older Leica upright-2. It is equipped with four detectors, two of them are the novel hybrid detectors for better contrast and sensitivity, which makes the microscope a perfect choice for four colour preparations.

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