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The Institute for Transfusion Medicine at Hanover Medical School is dedicated to providing web-based bioinformatic solutions in several areas of transplantation immunology.


The HistoCheck webtool offers clinicians to visualize and rate structural differences between related HLA alleles, to help find the best donor/recipient match for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.


The PeptideCheck webtool is designed to predict candidates of GvL-relevant peptides which could be targets for immunotherapy. The prediction is being made for many HLA class I alleles and source proteins in parallel.


HLA alleles are highly polymorphic. Although this polymorphism can result from point mutations, it is mainly driven by recombination. As HLA alleles are chimeras of other HLA alleles, we have developed a modular model of HLA. By breaking down the HLA binding groove into modules, we have been able to maximize the number of alleles for which peptide binding prediction is possible. The HLA Module Explorer within PeptideCheck is a webtool, which identifies peptide binding modules shared by different HLA class I alleles.