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Application for advanced semester

If you are studying Medicine or Dentistry at a foreign university, and would like to change to the Hannover Medical School to study in an advanced semester, you must have the courses and exams which you have taken at the present university recognized by German authorities (Landesprüfungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen).

For more information, please see at


After the recognition procedure you may apply for the resp. semester at the MHH. Please note that the so-called Practical Year ("PJ") takes place in the 11th and 12th semester.


You will find information about the application procedure at the MHH under  "Studienplatz für höhere Fachsemester" on our homepage (in German only)

Application deadline for the winter semester is July 15; for the summer semester January 15.


Admission into all semesters will, however, only be possible in case of vacancies. No reliable predictions can be made in advance.


A test of the German language (DSH 2 or Test DaF-TDN 4 or DSD II) will be necessary for the admission.