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The essential work-, learn- and exchange platform for students at the European Master of Science in Midwifery at MHH is the study management system ILIAS.  


ILIAS is a study management system with a wide variety range of functions


ILIAS gives the opportunity to prepare study materials with time management and user specific. Within the European Master of Science in Midwifery, you will be provided with the relevant study materials for your study group in a timely manner, enabling easy study paths.



Apart from that you will also find plans of your chronologically graduated work tasks in the weekly work plan. 


The following link demonstrates very clearly, how students can adjust the English menu.



Communication with professors and lecturers

For each module, you have an  exchange forum with your professor. Additionally, professors can be contacted through a direct e-mail function in ILIAS.


The request from students are processed within the modules and are available and searchable there. It is illustrated in ILIAS, that students’ request are always processed promptly.


Through the possibility to subscribe to a particular forum in ILIAS, professors as well as students will be informed about every activity within the forum directly via e-mail. This way it can be promptly reacted to students requests. Requests to the programme leader will be answered immediately (<12 hours even at weekends).




To guarantee regular contact to the students, web-based conferences will take place twice a week. Once between all students and the professor and once between a group spokesman for a study group and the professor.


During the chats students’ problems and questions will be debated, references for scenario handling will be given and work of the students will be discussed. Apart from chats students also use the asynchronous communication possibility of ILIAS in form of different forums. The “Forum – for discussion with the tutor” shall be used by students to talk with the tutor about questions and problems with research subjects. Among others publications, which will be discussed during the chat, will be placed here. If necessary a further processing of the chat will take place in this forum.