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Tuition fees




The Programme of the European Master of Science in Midwifery at the MHH costs for a duration of 4 semesters currently around 10,000 €. The costs consist of tuition, administration and module fees.

The actual module fees for 1 ECTS are 70 €. 



Please find some detailed information about the costs of our programme:



1 ECTS costs 70€. The first module has 15 ECTS, so 15*70=1050€.


To finish your Master you need 120 ECTS. 120 ECTS*70€ = 8400€.


For each semester you have to pay additionally around 600€ semester fee.



The total costs depend on your study duration and ECTS as some students finish their study with a bit more than 120ECTS (up to 127 ECTS). It depends on the modules they complete.


If you need 2-3 years to finish your Master, it will be around 10.800€-12.000€ for module and semester fees.


Scale for fees