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Central work, learn and exchange platform for students of the Master of Science in Midwifery in Hanover is the learning managment system ILIAS.

It offers the opportunity to provide learning materials time-controlled and user-related. Students get prompt access to learning materials relevant for their learning group, so that simple learning pathways are possible.


Additionally, students gain insight into their phased work through the weekly workplan.


ILIAS is available in English as well as in German.



  • Communication with lecturers

For each module, there is an exchange forum respresenting the basis of communication between students and lecturer. Further, lecturers may be contacted directly through the e-mail function in ILIAS.

Requests of students are processed within the module and are depicted and researchable there as well. Inquiries are answered as soon as possible.

Due to the opportunity of subscribing a forum on ILIAS, lecturers and students may be informed about recent activities per mail directly, so that requests are processed as soon as possible. Inquiries of the head of the programme will be answered immediately.

  • Tutorials

To ensure a steady contact, web-based conferences (tutorials) are held once a week.

Within these tutorials questions of students are argued, comments on processing of scenarios are given and the work of the students is discussed. Except for tutorials students use the asynchronous communication possibilities in ILIAS. The "forum - for discussion with the tutor" of the module ist used by students to ask questions concerning the research fields. Publications mentioned in the tutorials are published here. The forum also provides the opportunity to rework a tutorial.