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Viewers to help you display absorption and emission spectra of the most widely used fluorochromes:

BD Biosciences  spectrum viewer
ThermoFisher (Invitrogen) spectrum viewer
MCB Arizona spectrum viewer

With these tools you can display the spectral properties (apsorption and emission) of the most abundant fluorochromes to verify staining combinations for possible complications with the experimental setup. Appropriate display only via installing Java6 or newer.

Spectra Viewer Apps for smartphones are available for Android or iPhone/iPad.



Online-Tool for Multicolor Panel Design:



Free tool for registered academic users which helps you to design complex multicolor experiments. Please fill "Medizinische Hochschule Hannover" in the institution field at registration. In the following field you can select our lab. Now you can simply select our facility’s cytometers, set your markers, and then choose the best available reagents for your experiment.


Flow Cytometry- A Basic Introduction by Michael G. Ormerod:

Flow Cytometry – A Basic Introduction

Interactive e-book by MG Ormerod, serving as an excellent introduction into the theoretical and practical details of flow cytometry.


"Practical Flow Cytometry" by Howard Shapiro:

Practical Flow Cytometry

Beckman-Coulter offers the pdf version of this all-encompassing standard volume by Howard Shapiro as a free download (75 MB). Applicable as an index (via the pdf search) as well as a compendium adressing all questions regarding flow cytometry.