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Project planning

  • Interdisciplinary technical expertise  
  • Feasibility studies
  • Offers / quotations (e.g. for third party funds) 
  • Hazard and risk analysis  
  • Coordination of internal and external services 
  • Search and acquisition of special materials and components, provisions of all required parts 




 Precision engineering for medical devices construction 

  • Processing of stainless steal, non-ferrous metal, plastics and special materials 
  • Preparation of design drawings and part lists etc. 
  • Prompt processing of small orders 
  • Change, modification/adjustment, maintenance and repair of devices built by us  


Construction and development of electronic devices, such as: 

  • Measuring amplifiers
  • Monitoring and control devices 
  • Laboratory automation and process control 


Programming of network-compatible Windows-Software in LabVIEW for 

  • Data collection 
  • Measurement data preocessing and displaying 
  • Automation and control units

Technical Glass Blowing

  • Handling of glass pipes, glass bars, plate glass, prefabricated components 
  • Cold glass machining (sawing, drilling, grinding, milling) 
  • UV-adherence of glass 
  • Production of components made of quartz, Duran 50 (Borosilicate glass), AR (soda-lime glass)
  • Repair of glass devices  


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