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Digital prints:

  • Digital prints in black/white and colour, size max 32x48 cm, 60-300g
  • Personalized prints (numbered, addressed, etc.) 
  • Label printing as rolls or sheets 
  • large-sized prints by rolls, width up to 100 cm


Offset prints:

  • In-house offset printing (max. 31x44 cm, 2 colours)
  • Offset printing 4/4 colured in cooperation with external partners


Paper processing:

  • Cutting, punching, perforating, creasing, notching, sorting 



  • Ordinary stitching
  • Saddle Stitch 
  • Wire-O-Binding (spiral binding) 
  • Adhesive Binding 


Digital Image Editing:

  • Miscellaneous image corrections, montage, insertion of image annotations 
  • Scanning of slides, x-ray images etc. (size up to DIN A3)
  • Designing of projector presentations 


Graphic Design:

  • Designing of various printing masters (brochures, flyers, poster, placard, name badges, logo, invitation etc.) 
  • Production of illustrations in all design techniques for publications / presentations 
  • Anatomical, functional or schematic designs, e.g. operation techniques 


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