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Directives (excerpt)

Conditions of Use as decided by Senate: 
Mechanics, electronics, microprocessor technology, technical glass blowing

The above four work areas have been centralised into the Department of Medical Device Construction during re-organisation in December 2004.

The Central Research Devices Service Unit works exclusively for institutes and clinics of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) and their research partners.

The Central Research Devices Service Units supports institutes and facilities at the MHH in educational and research tasks. Private orders cannot be processed.


The departments ( ... ) are central service units of the Medical School. Services include the development and construction of scientific equipment and its maintenance in research and education (including further education), besides related technical advice to clients. Technical responsibility towards costumers lies with the director of Central Research Devices Service Units. The Central Research Devices Service Units does not construct or build any commercial devises. Repairs of commercial equipment should be carried out under exceptional circumstances only. (...)

All orders carried out by the Central Research Devices Service Unit as part of its services will be charged to customers. The cost for individual orders depends on material costs and the amount of work involved. The guidelines for calculating prices are reviewed by the Advisory Board and submitted to Senate for approval. (...)

Development projects are handled in chronologically by receipt of their written order. Small jobs and minor repairs (taking a few working hours max.) will be processed alongside the development work. Urgent orders will be processed according to individual agreements.


Generally, for order processing, the following points have to be considered: Orders have to be submitted in writing. (...) With his/her signature, the costumer confirms to bear all project related costs (indication of account number/fond number required for debiting purposes). The costumer must be authorized to sign for the account. The costs derive from the Senate approved calculation list. In controversial cases (non-compliance with appointments, cost overruns, too extensive orders, processing of urgent orders, special orders, etc.) the director of Central Research Devices Service Units should be consulted. If he cannot reach an agreement, the case is referred to the Advisory Board for decision.


Any patent law issues related to the work results for the Central Research Devices Service Unit shall be clarified by consulting the legal department of the MHH.

The following specific rules apply for the department of mechanics, electronics, microprocessor technology and technical glass blowing:

Until further notice, the following opening hours apply: Monday to Thursday from 7.30 am till 4 pm, Friday 7.30 am till 2.30 pm. The client needs to provide detailed information about requirements and characteristics of all devices ordered by means of unambiguous data (e.g. minutes of the preliminary consultation). For order acceptance the Central Research Devices Service Unit has to take economic aspects into adequate consideration.


Should the Central Research Devices Service Unit have to forward orders to external companies, due to scheduling or economic reasons, this will only be done with the client`s consent. The client bears all costs of the external production, which is coordinated by the Central Research Devices Service Unit.

Binding delivery dates are given only by the heads of the respective departments. The estimated completion date is to be stated on the order form. Access to the workshop and laboratory facilities by persons who are not employed at the Central Research Devices Service Unit has to abide by the Statutory Accident Prevention Regulations.

According to the Statutory Accident Prevention Regulations the use of machinery and equipment by university staff who are not members of the Central Research Devices Service Unit`s workshop is not possible. In exceptional cases, the director of the Central Research Devices Service Unit may issue a special permit.

Used equipment which requires repair or modification must be cleaned thoroughly and (if needed) sterilised before delivering. (The glass blowing service always sanitises all equipment delivered, before repairing it.)



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